Memorial Giving

We have 3 ways of Memorial giving:

The Memorial Fund: This fund is set up to receive gifts (either memorials, bequests,  or other special designated gifts) to be dispersed at the discretion of the family in memory or in honor of a loved one.  Attached is a list of suggestions for your memorial giving.
Memorial giving suggestions list.

The Perpetual Fund: Gifts, bequests, and memorials can be designated to the Perpetual Fund.  This fund retains the principal of the fund while earning interest and/or dividend income.  The earnings of the fund will then be used for missions, community outreach, and capital improvements and repairs.

Named Endowment Fund: Gifts, bequests, and memorials can be designated to any of the named endowment funds.  Current named endowment funds at CLLC are the CLLC Scholarship Fund (formerly known as the Arnold & Edith Johnson Scholarship Fund) and the Mattson Endowment Campership Fund: They have been established to use the interest earnings to provide scholarships for individuals to attend a Christian College, Seminary or public college or trade school, or to assist children to attend Bible Camp.  New named endowment funds can be created with a minimum contribution of $25,000.

If you have any questions on any of the funds, please call the church office 257-6300.

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